NPD | Strymon Deco


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May 23, 2014
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I have had quite a bit of experience with Strymons. I have always loved how much you could do with them simple enough. That is until I got the Orbit pedal. I just didn't ever get the sound I wanted and if I ever got close, I would quickly lose it just by adjusting the wrong knob.

I then heard someone using the deco as a flange and it sounded exactly like I wanted, subtle but present.

After playing with one in the store, I bought it and played through it today for a while. It was just so easy to get great sounds from and the saturation side is the extra kick in the pants my lead tone needed.

I use the pedal in front of two amps and set it to wide mode so dry goes to Amp A and the "tape head" (wet) goes to Amp B. It separates the amps perfectly and I can add some wobble to make the whole rig sound huge.

Goodbye orbit pedal.