NPD Slider 59s in my fiesta red strat


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Apr 1, 2013
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I haven't done a pickup review in some time but i just picked afew axes from my guitar tech and this was one of them.

The guitar is a squier classic vibe FSR fiesta red with gold hardware stratocaster. It's been fitted with:

Slider 59s pickups *they're non RWRP like all my pickups*
Guitarfetish gold tremolo system w/ shorty steel block
.1uf capacitor
3 way selector switch

I ran it through my 5f6a circuit handwired tweed bassman with TAD 6L6GC power tubes, mullard 5ar4, electro 12ay7 and 2 tung sol 12ax7s. Bright channel volume at 6 and all other EQ at 12.

These pickups are very dynamic their response to pick attack is very evident. It has a nice heft to the notes but with a slight springy shimmer that's apparent in every position that can get gritty if you dig in with your attack or shimmery and pretty if your touch is light. The neck is deep full but VERY clear. The out of phase 2 and 4 are just quacky like you'd love. You know how with NON-RWRP *if you believe this to be true lol* pickups, you lose abit of quack due to the added mids of it not being reverse wound? Well this has all the quack of a RWRP pickup without any of the volume lost and it still has the mids so you get the best of both worlds hint of mids with the glassiness you love. This middle pickup is hands down THE BEST middle pickup ive ever used. It's so throaty and woody. Only thing i could compare it to is the videos of jb simo playing ed king's Mary kaye 57 strat (that i think he took down after ed king's death) just sounded incredible exactly like in that video. The bridge has good bite but isn't edgy at all. It has a decent amount of fatness and is just overall great sounding.

I usually adjust things to my taste but straight from the shop this guitar is PERFECT. It's so good i can't find anything id change. You ever have a guitar sound so good it makes you question your other strats? You measure everything up to that? That's what this guitar sounds like. Id give it a 10 out of 10. Hope this helps anybody curious about sliders..... THEY'RE GREAT pickups.
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