NPD: JRAD Rockaway Archer


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May 30, 2015
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FINALLY. I have had my eye on this pedal for a long time, and one finally popped up for cheap locally. It's a J Rockett Rockaway Archer, basically an Archer (Klon Centaur clone) with a built-in six band EQ.


I had an Archer before and while it sounded good, I sold it because I always felt like it lacked mids. I also ran an MXR EQ pedal at the end of my chain and loved it, until it totally crapped out on me.

This pedal checks a few boxes rather nicely: It gives me the Klon low- to moderate-gain OD, but with more versatility due to the sliders. It also can give a nice, relatively clean boost, plus give me back the EQ tweakability at the back of my chain. All in one small pedal, with that JRAD tank-like quality. This is the Steve Stevens pedal, and I was a huge Billy Idol fan back in middle school so bonus points for that.

It's a great pedal and I'm glad to finally have one on my board.

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