NPD: ehx parallel mixer


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Mar 30, 2014
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I really wanted one but the ratings on Sweet water were especially bad, some luckless dude got one only to return 3 times and it wasn't reliable. I asked. Ehx replied to my email, said some retailers may not have received word to send in their new stock for a software update. Ehx assured me I'd get immediate help if the one I bought stank. It did. They sent me a free return label and had it back fast. That's a negative. On the positive the active mixing sounds really nice and the pedal allows passing a clean signal in the mix. Other positives: Increasing the input level to a loop of overdrive pedals, being able to have a loop for over-the-top distortion or fuzz, isolating delay n reverb in a loop, and sending the mix out using a master level. The other negative is while it's simple enough to use, i still had to read the instructions.
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