NPD - Digitech Drop


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Dec 21, 2009
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My band usually plays in drop d, but recently we threw a couple older songs in the set that are in Drop C. I didn’t feel like setting up one of my guitars for Drop C only or get another guitar, so after doing some research I was caught between the drop and the ehx pitchfork.

The pitch fork seemed to do more than this, but still had a LOT of artifacting that I wasn’t a fan of for this particular use case. The kinda glitchy chorusy sound is cool on my pog for synth-ish sounds, but not what I want for a regular clean or distorted guitar.

The drop absolutely nails everything I was wanting in a droptune pedal. Compact, easy to use, and sounds great clean or distorted with no noticeable artifacts or latency issues. Would 100% recommend this pedal to anyone who’s on the fence about it


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