NPD Demon Tube Screamer


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Apr 10, 2010
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Got this little toy to play with. Perfect delivery for a Sunday afternoon here in Philly. I had been shopping for a tube screamer pedal for a while now. I even considered building one. But the price for this little guy ($30.38 shipped), I couldn't resist getting it. And after listening to the demos and comparisons on Youtube, I was sure I'd really like it.

Well, after playing for the rest of the day (some 5 or 6 hours), with all of my guitars, I've concluded it's a winner. I'll try to upload some sound clips, but there's plenty of vids for you to get a good idea of what the pedal offers. Heck, I even like the TS9 setting. It's a little warmer, but that just adds to the versatility of it. I'm totally satisfied, and kind of shocked at the same time.


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