NOS Wire Strat Pickup 65/Hendrix Set


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Aug 31, 2018
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OH boy, will I regret this soon enough:

1965 Rewind Electric Strat Hendrix Set (NOS Heavy Formvar)

These are by far the best strat pickups I've played. I'm mostly a Vintage Gibson kind of guy, but these pickups floored me. They not only sound accurate, but they look the part. They will light up with black light.

NOS Heavy Formvar wire was used for this. Harder and harder to come by. I will by far regret selling this, but as I have long sold my Nash and partscaster, I have no means to justify keeping these. I would rather let someone else enjoy them for their ultimate Hendrix strat.

Staggered and lightly hand chambered A5 magnets, AWG 42 heavy formvar wire, machine wound coils, lightly hand sanded gray forbon, ultraviolet reactive aged nitrocellulose dipped lacquer bobbins, cloth insulated leads, clear wax potted. 6.08k, M 5.6k, N 5.8k.

$600 shipped

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