No longer for sale, going to keep this for a while . Marshall SV20H Mint / As New condition. Very low hours. Price includes free shipping to lower 48.

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Aug 26, 2020
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Basically new Marshall SV20H Plexi head. This is as new as used can be. Black Tolex. Super low hours, around 3-4.
I am sure you are aware of the features of this amp:

-20 or 5 watt mode.
-Made in England.
-EL34 powered.
-4 inputs, allows you to jump channels for tons of sound options.
-Sounds just like a 1960’s 50 or 100 watt Plexi, only in a smaller (somewhat) tamer package.
-Excellent quality.

You know all those amps that are “Marshall” clones? This IS a Marshall !

-Pictures cropped for attachment. Prior to edit, files were too large.

Cheaper than any on Reverb and free shipping!

-$1,050 / Trades for a Goldtop with P-90s, Gibson, MIJ Goldtops with P-90s Les Paul’s (lowered from
$1,150 and added trades), free shipping to lower 48. Payment via PayPal F&F, or buyer pays fees.

Buy it, or the puppy gets it!!

8D18C44F-21FB-4E87-A29B-0D00296D05DD.jpeg 4A883F4D-35E5-4CAD-A3B9-B5323B4EE855.jpeg 501C31AD-0413-478C-98F4-64BC6D94F18E.jpeg

No disappointments!

Thanks for looking.


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