Nitro damage. Any suggestions?


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Jan 6, 2013
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Hi all.

about a week or so ago I opened the case to my barely played 2019 Junior to find that something reacted with the finish. Either something in my arm or who knows what. It apparently softened the nitro and then it picked up the fiber imprints from the case. It feels slightly rough kind of like you would imagine something smooth would feel after accidentally touching it with glue in your hands and then it dried. Anyhow, i have an appointment next week with a Luthier to see what can’t be done, but I’d like to avoid the hour or so drive if it’s something I can handle at home. Here are some pics. It doesn’t seem to have gone through to the paint, so I’m wondering if some light abrasive polish would do? Normally it wouldn’t bother me but the rest of the guitar is pristine
Full body photo is
before the damage


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Mar 19, 2010
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Uh -huh..

Bug repellant, huh?

Betcha it was.

I have a Gibson acoustic that I let a guy play a couple of songs on during an outdoor BBQ. He had OFF mosquito repellant on his arm, and it did the same thing to my Gibby, even worse.

Fortunately, nitro lacquer is very forgiving.

Hit the damaged area with some 1500 grit wet or dry paper, "wet". Do this lightly, and smooth out the area. Watch the corners, do not sand hard on the corner, you might burn through if you press hard. But that is a very round corner so you ought to be okay. Just scuff it lightly on the corner.

Then hit it with some medium compound, then some scratch X and buff with a soft cloth.

That should do the trick.

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