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May 9, 2009
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Thanks, guys!

My impressions- I still love it! I'd forgotten how comfy the contours of a Strat-style git can be! The forearm cutaway is more like a Jackson Soloist, which totally works for me. :thumb:

I'm so impressed with how the body resonates. I never expected such nice acoustic properties from a bolt-on! (Soft maple body, rock maple neck, ebony 'board) The neck isn't much thinner than a 60's LP neck, but it is a bit wider. Diggin' the jumbo frets, too! The dot inlays are neither MOP or abalone, but like li'l mirrors. :thumb:

One unusual thing- The side fret markers are below the FB, on the neck itself. Black chrome hardware's new to me, it works! I could go on..... :)

Plugged in, I played Sunshine with the one pup & the vol. knob. It worked! :dude:

Cons? Well, I miss the neck angle of an LP. This one's straight across. I wish the Kahler wasn't recessed, I'm used to a higher "Anchor point" when I palm-mute. But that brings us back to the neck angle...

I HAVE to move the knob! Thankfully, the "Knurls" aren't as sharp as the Charvels I used to have, but... Ouch! there seems to be plenty of room, judging by the cavity cover..... I have to be brave when I drill the new hole by hand. :shock: Hope there's enough slack in the wires...

I guess you guys want pics, but I'm honestly wiped out right now. My calender's booked solid 'til next Wednesday evening! Not to mention the week prior...

Please bear with me, I just wanted to share this with you guys. :cheers:


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Feb 13, 2009
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rub it in... break my heart even more... :D

glad you got it, man :thumb:

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