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Mar 19, 2008
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Recently I purchased a 60th anniversary 1959 Standard that was an absolute bucket list guitar. It was my first foray into the Gibson Custom Shop world and was more than impressed with the guitar. In my NGD post about the 59 I mentioned this wouldn't be my last Custom Shop and boy am I eating my words sooner than I expected. The deal I made for the 59 left me with only one humbucking guitar, a good one but still without a backup or alternative for gigs. recordings, etc. Things being the way they are here in the Northeast, I wasn't in a massive rush to secure a back up. Currently I have a couple gigs booked but nothing too major yet. I was initially considering a USA line Gibson LP or SG given the price and availability to serve as a back up guitar. Being very much still in the honeymoon phase with my 59 RI, I day dreamed about getting another reissue or custom to fill out the stable. Not really finding anything locally or online, I resigned to being content with one Les Paul as my main axe and one of my teles as a back up. Ill be honest and say that I was looking but not too serious when it came to actually wanting to spend money just yet, at least until a local store posted not one but two 57 Goldtop Reissues. With supply chains being the way they are currently, I felt that I would regret not taking advantage of Manchester Music Mills recent Gibson shipment and having the ability to cherry pick another CS LP. Like a lot of us here, a Goldtop standard is one of those timeless guitars we all appreciate and I'm right there with you.

Between both 57 Reissues, there wasn't a bad sound. I got to run both guitars through a new Fender Vibro Champ and a Friedman Dirty Shirely/Twin Sister combo. I ultimately chose the guitar I bought because the neck was a tad chunkier and the bass and midrange was a little more aggressive. The other 57 they had sounded a little brighter( in a good way) and the neck was quite similar to my 59. It was an absolute joy to test two phenomenal guitars into some great amps in a private room, completely ideal conditions. Whoever gets that other 57 is going to love it. I didn't expect to get another Reissue as my back up guitar and certainly not one so soon, but then again I didn't expected them to be such great guitars. With two Teles and two Les Pauls, I think I'm more than equipped now.



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Jan 22, 2018
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Really really nice R7, that guitar is next on my list as well,I came close to pushing the button now, but have been dreaming of a 1958 Gibson flying V.So im having a clone built,since today Gibson is not building them with the same woods, they used back then...etc..Really nice 60th R9 as well, i love mine


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May 15, 2020
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That should be called a Chicago town that dish is so deep, excellent carve on that GT. score! Yeah everyone one should strive to have a goldie in their life.

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