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Apr 28, 2014
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After putting an Esquire together and buying a Les Paul Junior this year, I fancied building a short scale single pickup guitar and I don't have an offset guitar. However, since most of the parts I was looking to buy came off the MIM Jaguar Player I figured I may as well just buy one and make some (reversible) modification to it.

My Junior plays perfectly off the shelf and my home assembled Esquire does too after much tweaking, polishing and general felting, so the MIM Jaguar feels a little bit 'rough around the edges'. I'll be giving the frets a polish and sort out a few rough ends, maybe change the nut for a bone one (or at least recut the slots and remove a little material from the top so the strings aren't buried so deeply, to help with tuning). The scratchplate is a bit wobbly round the edges too, but I'll be replacing that with one cut from a blank to have far fewer holes/slots in it. I plan to block the trem as well since I never really use it (though I like the shiny chrome look of it. Once this is all done I should have another guitar that plays perfectly, with a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF style humbucker.

I've already swaped the knobs for chrome Telecaster ones I had spare:
Jag Chase 1 edit.jpg

Closer view:
Jag modded pots edit.jpg

This is a mock up of what I'm planing, though I'll have a nickel covered humbucker as per the lower mock up:
Jagsquire Mockup.jpg

I'd have gone for this model, but I'm personally not keen on the colour and my wife would notice since I already have a sunburst Strat. ;)

Jagsquire Mockup 2.jpg

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