NGD: Standard '50s HCS - hope you like lots of photos...


Apr 11, 2020
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First of all, thank you, everyone, for the overwhelming response and feedback to this. Makes me really happy.

Speaking of nice photos & great looking LPs, do join our New Originals Club if you're not opposed to those types of things.
I'll gladly do it. Thank you!

What are the tonal characteristics like?
I'm not the most experienced guy on Les Pauls or even guitars in general, but personally I find the tones to be very mellow and warm, with a nice and rich bottom-end.
I also love the response I get when playing it clean and then I dig in for that edge-of-break-up sound.
Also, the tonal possibilities are endless and I end up choosing the middle position more than I had anticipated (constantly messing with volume and tones).
I'll also add that I tried a '60s Standard at the store and found them to be hotter (and maybe with less clarity). I ended up preferring the '50s sound.

Could you tell me the cost . Also what go you think about the neck on it. Thanks
The guitar cost me €1845.
Love the neck! I have small hands and thought I'd like the '60s more, but nope... I've tried the two at the store and ended-up liking the '50s the most. I found that the added thickness did not make it less accessible to smaller hands, but rather it added to the comfort of the handling.
In my experience / opinion, of course.

HNGD... congrats; that’s a stunner. What kind of pickups are in there?
Being a '50s, they carry the Burstbuckers 1 & 2.

I think it is just right. The colour I love and not too in your face flame. I think
as time goes on the flame will develop also
. Mine has. Enjoy it I hope she has the best of sounds for you.
I sincerely hope not! ;)
Love how subtle it is right now.
Thank you.

She’s a stunner!
Do let us know how the neck feels and the feeling overall once you’ve got to know each other.
Thank you.
Please read above, regarding the neck.


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Aug 11, 2020
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I've been all over the place regarding the potential purchase of a Les Paul (my few posts here reflect that), but I finally found the one.

2020 Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Heritage Cherry Sunburst.

I love the fact that it's not too flame-y and predominantly more like a plain top.
I say predominantly because she has double personality and all of a sudden goes from a bourbon-ish plain to a flame-y cherry.

Anyway, this is it. I finally have the thing I've been wanting, on and off, for almost 25 years.
excellent i wish you many years of enjoyment


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