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Apr 1, 2013
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My main guitar for the past few years has been a 2019 Gibson LP Standard '50s. The NGD post for it is probably somewhere in my post history.
Back in January I moved from Ireland to London and left my guitars behind in storage so I've been in search of something to take the reins over from my Gibson. I did grab a Harley Benton for £130 when I got here, just to have something to noodle about on, but the fretwork and finishing were some of the worst I've ever seen, so I've been trying to decide on what to buy as my number 1 while I'm here in London.
I did start looking at Gibson. I was ready to grab another LP 50s or even a Classic, but it's a lot of cash to spend after just moving to a new city, so I started to look towards Epiphone. Back in 2020 I got the Epiphone Bonamassa Black Beauty which I sold before moving. It was a great guitar, but had a few imperfections and I just never connected with it.
I had been mulling over a few models - the black LP Classic and the Slash model, but thought now would be a good time to buy something different and move away from LPs for a while. I've always wanted a red SG with batwing pickguard since I saw School of Rock when I was 8 and I noticed the Epiphone model was just under £400, but I was kinda hesitant thinking I should just get the Gibson. I decided to go ahead and order the Epiphone which arrived yesterday. I'm blown away. I knew it would be a good guitar, but it's a flawless guitar.
This is the first guitar I have ever owned that does not have a single finish flaw. It looks great. It feels great. The out of the box setup is great. The pickups sound great. The fretwork is great. The tuners are gre... wait, what's that? Epiphone Deluxe, Epiphone Deluxe, KLUSON Deluxe!?!
Couldn't get away with out at least one thing to complain about! The guitar has 5 'Epiphone Deluxe' tuners and 1 'Kluson Deluxe' tuner!. They all feel the same (really good), the Kluson just has a slightly more curved back to it.

Wonder what happened? Maybe a box of Kluson Deluxes was chucked into the tuner bin by accident, maybe they ran out of Epiphone Deluxe tuners! It's a nothing anyway, they all work really well and feel identical to the Klusons on my Gibson. I think it's cool haha!

Anyway, a superb guitar for just over £370 delivered. I'm seriously tempted to grab another from the Epiphone line up. This SG is better than the 2020 Bonamassa I had, better than my old Korean Epiphones and has better fit and finish than my 2019 Gibson.
The only general complaint I have which is I prefer nitro over poly. When my hand sweats, poly gets sticky and nitro gets slick. But that's not the guitar's problem, it's a me thing.

Serial number dates it as October 2021 build.




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Aug 27, 2021
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I hope you have many great days playing your new guitar. It is a "looker" !!


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May 16, 2013
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Nov 24, 2020
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Do these have a veneer top?

Yes, the top and the bevel are different colors, wood is different too.
I don' t understand why Epiphone continue using veneer top and back.

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