NGD R0 2020 60Th V3


Feb 22, 2017
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Very nice!

How do you like the unpotted pickups in the 2018 and 2020 models vs the 2017?

The rosewood on the 2017 looks different to the other 2, I wonder if they changed the type?

If your hands are too small for that R8, I'm happy to dispose of it for you, I only charge postage!
i'm not a professional musician and honestly I don't really hear any differences.
It is often a never-ending debate between everyone's feelings (the magnetic disturbance of the strings, the acoustic response of the wood, etc.).
The rosewood of the 2017 is indeed clearer than on the other two ...!!!!( use of stocks of lower quality some years ... the GIBSON mysteries !!!):mad:
I keep my R8 that I like:rofl:

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