NGD: New ES-175 1959 Historic reissue VOS natural


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May 18, 2015
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I thought it wouldn't come when the ups driver stopped and said its supposed to be on the truck but he couldn't find it. An hour later it was at my door. Whew!

Overall it's a striking instrument. On a quick look you'd be hard pressed to tell its NOT a vintage instrument. The pickups are much different than the Custom Buckers I'm used to, rather dark and fat yet flat, and pretty hot too for only 7.5 and 7.9 Kohms. I expected the neck pickup to be bright and chimey with a scatter wind, al3 and only 7.5k. It's not it's hot and dark. The bridge pickup sounds quite good, but maybe a bit weaker than needed. Maybe an fully charged A5 in the bridge and a degaussed A5 in the neck will give me my tone. I wand a neck that's bright and jangly with reduced bass response and fairly low output, DCR around 7k is plenty. My favs are ECPs and a set of Gibson P490s that r really weak, no lows to speak up and sound like a tele neck.

For some unknown reason, they lacquered over the tailpiece with clear! It would be fine but some knucklehead put a couple big deep fingerprints in it while it was wet. Also 3 tuners are VERY STIFF during 180 degrees of rotation. Why the hell didn't they just grab another set? This is a $6300 guitar for gawdsake!

The neck is nice, I wouldn't mind it a little taller in the middle or less shoulders, but it's not bad as is and feels better as you go up. It's about .86 which is nice if its round, and this one is almost round. I guess it's called soft C.. I love a neck that's big and round at the end and stays about the same thickness all the way up, maybe even thinning a tenth, but I rarely get that lucky. My R9 is perfect, .94 with no shoulders at the first fret to .98 and still round at 12th

Anyway I'll play this beauty a day or 2 and decide if I can live with the finish flaws.if I can't, I'll send it back and let it become a second. But I want to like it and if I keep it, it will get the messed up nitro on the tail cleaned off and at least magnets changed.

Why the hell would they spray the tail clear? It's supposed to be aged VOS. There's even nitro prints all over the pickup covers and base plates. Sloppy. At least I know the final inspector, Nat Youngblood won't be letting any more like this slide through, he left Gibson after a year.

This is supposed to be mine but I don't think so. Mine has more chaoyency and a hint of flame in places but is may be mine in. Bad light too. Dealer pic.



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Jan 14, 2011
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Hmmm for $6300 I would send it back right away and request a new one given the issues you describe. Aside from that it's a beautiful guitar!!

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