NGD: Inspired by Gibson J45


Apr 3, 2013
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I haven't played one of the Inspired J-45s yet, but I do own a Masterbilt AJ-45 and I am looking at the specs side by side, as published on today.

Yours has a rounded C neck where mine is a slim tapered D. You have a laurel board where mine is rosewood (made in July 2016) and you have a 1.69 nut where mine is 1.68. You have a tapered neck joint where mine is glued in. Different electronics but I don't plug in - though when I got curious once and hooked it up to a Roland Cube 40XL it sounded like a chorus of angels.

But pretty much very similar. Isn't it a comfort to play? I love the versatility. I enjoy playing fingerstyle on it as much as I do strumming cowboy chords and comping. If I could have only one steel string acoustic, I would have to keep this one, though I also own a Masterbilt EF-500 - also a beauty but more a fingerstyle instrument (for which it was made) than a strummer.

Once you pick it up it's hard to put down, I'm sure. Congratulations and enjoy.
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