NGD - Bit of a different 2015 LP


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Jun 2, 2014
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Picked this up recently off Reverb, kinda a cool slightly different in a good way 2015 LP Standard. Just sold a couple guitars and was looking for something new. I didnt NEED another LP (this makes #8) but for the price and what its loaded with it didnt take me long to convince myself

This was made for the Japanese market. So no dumb script logo, no wider neck, no robot tuners, nothing Gibson did in 2015 essentially other than glue a body on a neck. Has a 60s slim taper neck which will take some getting used to, slightly under 8.5lbs. Big frets stock with no nibs. Pretty cool looking top, nothing crazy but suits the guitar well. Came with Wolftone Legends (these things are killer!) PAFs, Gibson Historic Wiring Harness, knobs, pickguard and truss rod cover, Creamtone M69 rings, aged Kluson tuners and a aged Faber bridge and tailpiece.

Also comes with a not documented but interesting story of being refinished by Tom Murphy under the table. The finish does not feel like other newish USA LPs, and it doesnt have any hint of vanilla. For what its worth, the stock photo Gibson includes is nowhere near what the finish looks like now, it was much redder and the burst wider on the body. Not a selling point for me but an interesting talk piece. Maybe one day I will dig around and try to find some validity to it, but for now its a cool guitar to have in the house and something I NEVER thought I would buy - a 2015 Les Paul!

More photos to come, heres one with the 59 (59 L, 2015 R)


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