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Aug 25, 2012
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Special thanks to Andy from @BadMojo for hooking me up with Betty, this beautiful 1986 Studio. My photography skills lack severely compared to Andy’s, so I’ll borrow a few of his shots as well.

As soon as a saw this beauty in the classifieds, something intangible was drawing me too her. Couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but I kept coming back to it... even with other Traditional and Standard LP prospects in my sights.

Let me just say that I’m totally stoked. There’s something to be said about 33 year old wood, and this is no exception. This baby rings out beautifully, with tons of sustain, and the ebony board is a joy to play. This is what I would consider a true Slim Taper, as it’s comfortably slender near the nut, but fattens out quite nicely at the 12th.

The pups are what seem to be late Shaws, as I can clearly see the white spacers with the brass plate screws removed on the pole screw side. The measurements would also indicate Shaws at 7.47 on the neck and 7.09 on the bridge. Regardless, they sound unbelievable. I’ve been searching for a neck pickup that doesn’t turn to pure mud for overdrive tones, and this baby sings. Andy also installed a set of Luxe Bees, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

I named her Betty (I’m sure Andy understands) because the name Betty was written in the neck pup cavity at the factory. Apparently there are other Bettys out there, and Andy was smart enough to mask over it when he did the refinish job. Speaking of which, Andy’s work is absolutely stellar. He maintained the real vintage vibe of a 33 year old Gibson while making it pop with this killer Inverness Green Metallic nitro refin. The weather checking is to die for.

On with the pics for those that missed the classified ad. My horrible pics are the first three (two showing the Shaws). Enjoy!

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This is an awesome studio, pure and simple like a Studio should be (and aged perfectly too).

I really wish Gibson would remember this formula for the Studio, - solid colors with dot necks is what they should be.
People got torqued when they put dots on tributes in early 2019 - again Gibson was close but still off.
I guess a tribute should have the trapezoids but a studio, nah it needs dots and a solid color.

Ok, rant over but this guitar brought it out - I've asked Gibson to make em like this again - anyone else agree???

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