NGD!!! Any BC Rich love on MLP?


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Oct 28, 2010
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At this point I must ask all members to at least be polite to one another within this discussion.

You're free to provide your input here-- and that's no matter what your opinion or observations consist of.

I am not saying that a member cannot provide a negative critique, for instance with regard to perceived quality of an instrument... of course, I do expect a bit of background if one is going to start slagging a product. Just saying something like, "Well, I think it's a POS!" isn't gonna cut it in a reasonable conversation.

Here I shall remind everybody that there are ways to buffer one's negative statements. Simply adding a qualifier such as "IMO" will often take the sting out of certain statements.

However, telling others that their opinions are "laughable" is sure-fire fuel for a pissing contest-- and we don't want a pissing contest here...

...especially not when what we're going to bicker about amounts to the aesthetic preferences of a given individual.

So: please take it easy on one another. Nobody is required to like what the next guy likes, and nobody is required to dislike what the next guy likes either. But a little bit of civility goes a long way, and I'm asking everybody to keep that in mind.


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Sep 21, 2020
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A buddy of mine in middle school was a huge BC Rich fan - he had a couple of them and I had a squire, Kramer and a series 10 at the time but nonetheless we’d hang out and talk/ compare musical likes, etc. It’s a nostalgic brand for me for sure

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