NGD! A Kalamazoo Super Strat! The Heritage VIP I


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Nov 30, 2010
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Picked this up from Brentrocks recently.
The Heritage VIP I.
'87 Maple body
'86 Mahogany neck, came that way from the factory.
Kahler Flyer Trem with locking nut

Volume knob, a switch for coil split, and a switch for out of phase which the other knob controls how out of phase.

These are pics from a previous owner, it now sports a zebra Duncan Custom Custom.

I had been wanting a super strat,
something not too pointy,
with a bucker and a trem,
and this fits the bill perfectly.

And to boot, it was built just down the street!

I now have two Heritages, and two Gibsons that are for sale.

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