NGD 2017 R9 Les Paul TH Spec Dirty Lemon Limited Run


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Jul 3, 2017
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Hey guys,

Never owned a lemon burst but always wanted one, others’ NGD posts didn’t help the GAS either. I only ever usually buy used or trade for LP’s, but I thought it was time to buy an LP for good, brand new, the “one” (you know). I was very picky for this reason, I wanted weight below 8.5lb, I wanted unique but symmetric top, I wanted TH spec (was looking at late 2017’s or 2018’s only; you might have seen my other posts where I was trying to learn more about this), I wanted VOS or Agead finish, I wanted medium C shape neck profile and a dark and consisten fine grain fingerboard, and I wanted punchy woody clear tone from medium output pickups (mostly focused on neck pickup).

A couple months of searching, and I’ve finally got a beauty that checks all the boxes:

Year: 2017
Serial: 9 7760
Finish: Limited Run Dirty Lemon VOS (going to age the pup covers a little bit)
Weight: 8.3lb (3.76kg)
Top: handpicked Eastern flame maple
Neck Measurements: haven’t measured it yet, chose based on feel
Photos: below:photos:

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Sep 5, 2017
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Wow that's a beautiful R9, congratulations! I'm almost grateful I don't have a music store nearby with such a choice of Historics and Reissues; I'd have a hard time avoiding bankruptcy.

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