NGD: 2004 LP Jr. - Second LP and first vintage-y (?) guitar!


Feb 21, 2012
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I was at the local music swap shop, Starving Musician in Santa Clara, California, just looking thank you, when I spotted this Jr kind of tucked away. I took it off the the hangar. It was light! (Turned out to be 6lb 15oz.) Neck felt great. I ran home to get my standard testing setup (Fender Mustang micro and earbuds - not spectacular, but always the same), and quickly played my Epi LP Jr. just to have the sound in my ears.

Went back, played around with it for about an hour. It definitely sounded better than the Epi! I checked it very thoroughly, especially looking for possible headstock breaks or any finish issues that were more than cosmetic. Neck seems to have an appropriate amount of relief and the setup is okay. (I have built my own guitars, so have a fairly critical eye.) I had them open the control cavity to check that nothing looked like it have been re-soldered. Clean!


I love it. It has good, honest play wear, and few bumps and bruises. The tuners are smooth and the pots work well. It's got a janky, adjustable bridge that sits at funny angle, but the intonation is spot on despite that. Anyway, it came home with me!


It turns out to be 11oz. lighter than my Epi Jr, which explains why I thought it was so light. I haven't cleaned it yet, put new strings on it, or decided what to do about the bridge. I'lll leave the bridge for the time being and just play it. Need to clean some of the grime off, though.

I bought my first Gibson LP a year or so ago, a 2021 Standard '60s. This is my first experience buying a guitar that is many years away from being new. I'm very excited to get to know it better!



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