NGD: 1998 Les Paul Custom


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Jan 20, 2011
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I won't get into the custom vs standard thing 'cause I love and have both...but my custom is definitely my #1!


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Feb 15, 2021
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Ugh so nice. How much OP if you don't mind my asking? Customs are all over the place rt now.
It was my 2011 Les Paul Traditional 60s in ebony + US$1800. (approx. $3800 total)

Having a nice Gibson as down payment actually made it all possible. It was the perfect way to not lose money with the current price hike or overpay. Because regardless of how much increase in price his guitar had, so did mine.

The fact the seller was after a less expensive Les Paul with all features mine had also didn't hurt.

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Jan 9, 2017
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I’ve been gassing hard for a Black Beauty for a while. Well, for more than three decades now, as this was my first dream guitar ever. But only recently the stars aligned.

The seller was a very nice guy and our trade was a match made in heaven sort of thing. He was looking for a less expensive, more classic Les Paul with slim neck and lower output pickups. Enter my 2011 Traditional ‘60s. We arranged a very reasonable deal, good for both sides, our meeting was pretty quick.

I could tell the guitar was in good shape from the photos, but I honestly wasn’t expecting a case queen, such pristine condition. I also love how the binding is slightly starting to yellow. They can be weirdly white when brand new.

This isn’t my first post-Norlin Custom though and I must say to call them overdressed Standards is such an uneducated statement. They have their own growl, I absolutely love their rounded ’59 semi chunky necks and they’re so consistent. There is something special about them.

I always feel like they’re the unsung heroes of the forum, so here’s to us proud Custom lovers and admirers who aren’t always seduced by historic specs. Thanks for reading this!

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Stunning instrument! Enjoy it!

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