NGD: 06 Les Paul/SG Custom- a personal grail


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Apr 16, 2011
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I have the '87 '61 reissue Les Paul/SG Custom and am in agreement that for some of us, this is an incredible match. I love the super fast neck (never bought into playing baseball on a guitar), love the tone (over my LPs, even), and love the feel -- let alone the looks. Mine is beautifully put together, as yours appears to be. For those who don't find the 3 PU setup appealing, try rewiring them Frampton style and it becomes a very different proposition -- phenomenal; the middle PU becomes a major tone modifier. And you don't have to do anything irreversible. I used shallower PU rings (by one size at each PU) and lowered my PUs so that there's no shred if interference, and I get a PU-string distance that sounds great. Yours is a real beauty, and having a stoptail (mine does, too) is way better than having one of those junk trems.