NGD- ‘96 MIK Custom

Alaska Mike

Jul 31, 2021
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So, probably made a huge mistake, but…
On vacation in Virginia, visiting the parents, and idly checking out music stores. Always been a Tele guy (own 3) and also have a couple Travelers (EG-1, EG-2) and a chambered Gretsch Electromatic. Really don’t need another guitar.
Stopped by this tiny place that deals in mostly used stuff, and came across a ‘96 MIK (Fine) Les Paul Custom in fair shape. All the usual points as far as the body and neck checked out as player-condition with no significant issues. Pickups had been swapped out for garbage. The hardware that didn’t have the gold polished off was corroded. Dime-sized pots, cheap switch… Painting a picture? Basically, at the end of the day it’s a body/neck and a few odds and ends. Got a used SKB TSA case as part of the deal. $350.
I have always liked ebony Customs. My Traveler EG-1 is essentially a squished copy of one. However, I have never owned one. Price/tone/playability/or any number of factors kept me from buying those I tried out. Not a huge number of them where I live, new or used.
after I polished the frets and floated 25 years of finger grease out of the fingerboard with multiple applications of lemon oil, the neck felt pretty good. Acoustically it sounds good.
Ordered a Wilkerson bridge set, Gotoh locking tuners, and some random hardware. I have a set of Seymour Duncan ‘59s in gold that are perfect for it. CTS 500k pots, orange drop caps, SwitchCraft jack/switch… should wake it up really nicely. Do most of my own work.
Probably should have passed on it. Probably should have opted for cheaper stuff to put on it. Probably should have done a lot of things differently. Yet here I am…

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