NFD... x2!


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Oct 17, 2016
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Well, strictly it's NANGTMFEH but that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever until you know it's New Amp and New Guitar (to me) Forty-Eight Hours (!)

I've totally busted the budget for quite some time to come but when two things happen to come up at the right price at the same time, what are ya gonna do...?! :oops: :rolleyes:

Okay, first up was this lil' ol' thing that has been on my hit list for a while now:


I picked it up on Sunday:
nearly new, hardly used and at a good chunk less than the usual store price;
original box, packaging, documents, the works! Plays just lovely. :D

Then, two days later, this little old lady arrived. Now, this had been a bit of an online negotiation and I'm not really one for buying before trying when it comes to guitars but I'd been looking for a good one of these since forever so I figured it was worth a punt and, worst case, it's a decent guitar and I could flip it and pretty much recover my money if it turned out not to be right for me.

The seller was an absolute gent and, inevitably, once we'd agreed the sale (he came down to what I thought was a very fair price), we ended up chatting about guitars, gear, pickups, amps, building and modding... You get the general idea! Who says guitarists are predictable...? (!) :facepalm:

I'm still learning my way around her and getting to know her quirks -- but then she is over thirty years old now so she's allowed to be a touch idiosyncratic (!) :p

In fact, she's a year younger than my 62 Strat and a couple of years older than the 54 Strat -- and I've been trying to find the right 52 Tele for years! She fits right in.





Solid as you like, fab grinding pups (with a lovely-sounding Don Mare in the neck) and finding the flame in the maple of the neck was a very pleasant surprise. A lil' bit of TLC is needed here and there but I think we can provide that! Generally in great condition for it's age.

To play, it's properly chunky, slab-sided and utilitarian compared to my Strats and I must admit that I'd forgotten just how *different* a Telecaster can be! Works a dream with the tweed Junior though: a bit of gain and reverb, "Fat" switch in and pups on full-bore. It's bloody hard NOT to sound like Keef with this thing! Open tuning and slide? Hell yeah! ;)

I'll post some proper "family" pics a bit later when I get time to take some decent ones!