New tele wiring...very excited about it!


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Aug 16, 2007
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I am having a new tele style guitar built in the near future. I t has a Broadcaster type bridge pickup and a Lollar Charlie Christian neck unit. When it came to devising the wiring I was inspired by this video.

I really like the classic versatility using just one pickup. The cocked wah mode is supercool with overdrive or very bright amps (e.g. blackface fender amps).

That got me thinking. Could I do something similar with 2 pickups? Well, I think I have:

tele wiring.PNG

As you can see I have used 2 CTS pots, one bumblebee from a mid 50s Gibson and a mid 60s Circled D ceramic capacitor. The switch is a new 4 position switch. The volume pot is 300K log and the tone is 250K no-load.

Position 1: Broadcaster pickup. Volume pot connected but the tone can be switched on or off at will. Off for a truly ballsy Esquire type tone. Rock'n'Roll indeed!

Position 2: Broadcaster pickup. Same as above but with old ceramic cap a la Mike Eldred cocked wah tone. Volume pot on but no-load tone knob turned off 99% : 0.005 uF is dark enough for a nasal, funky tone that cuts like a hot knife.

Position 3: Broadcaster and CC in parallel. Volume pot available but tone can be disabled bit for more high end and more bell like rhythm work.

Position 4: Neck CC. Volume pot on and tone knob normally engaged a tiny bit. Great for 50s jazz tones, especially with the bumblebee cap. Nice. Without the cap, the neck is a bit louder and clearer.

What do you think? Cheers guys!


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May 21, 2011
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I think that low value caps like your 5nF are an interesting and useable tone shaping tool, sadly under the radar... I use this trick for ages, with capacitors measuring typically 2,2nF to 4,7nF, according to the pickups used (3,3nF, for example, is good for FilterTron's as it makes them sound close to P.A.F.ish humbuckers).

Nice wirng that said!

In my own Tele, I've mounted a Strat switch giving Treble & neck PU's in series, Treble PU in parallel with a "virtual pickup" and giving the tone of a Strat in 2d position, Treble PU alone, Treble & neck in parallel, neck alone... + a TBX with a no load tone control on one side and an "inductance reducer" for the bridge PU on the 1M part of the pot.

Enjoy with your new tones!

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