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Ron W

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Nov 14, 2013
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OK, I have to admit I was a power cable sceptic. I mean, how much difference can a power cable make? Well, as it turns out, a lot! A little research revealed that building codes in the U.S. require a minimum of 14 AWG for a 15 amp circuit, which is what most of us are plugging our beloved amps into.

So I take look at the power cords I’ve been using all these years, and discover that they’re these cheap, skinny little 18 AWG cords with molded ends that I probably robbed from an old cable box or PC. Sound familiar? So, the power comes to the wall in 14 AWG wire, and I’m choking it down with a 18 AWG power cord. Gee, I wonder if this is affecting my tone? Yes, another rhetorical question...MORE HERE

Copper John™ Power Cable $89.95-119.95

Purple Haze™ Power Cable $104.95-149.95

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Sep 10, 2009
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I just got a custom made cable that Ron made to my specifications...vintage cloth style power cord in kind of a grey tweed patten with large vintage style plug that has 3-prongs for modern safety. My expectations were high and Ron blew them away! It's so amazing that I am going to use it on a personal build. I just ordered 5 more for my next Tweed builds and I'm having Ron do all the Bulgin power cords for my vintage replica JTM45s.

Ron is HIGHLY recommended for any power or audio cable needs. I want my amps to look as good as they sound and Ron is helping on both fronts. Pictures to follow when my amp is done.

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