New Pickup... EMG 60X Chrome


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Nov 26, 2007
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Have had this as the neck pickup in my ESP Eclipse for a few weeks now, figured I would give my thoughts for what they are worth since EMG just released the X-series in chrome and gold a few weeks ago.

First impressions were that this pickup was a little sterile. I wasn't sold on it immediately, especially being a huge EMG fan. That being said, the previous neck pickup was a regular EMG 60. Since the X-series are supposed to bridge the gap between the regular EMGs and passive pickups, I decided to try lowering the pickup some as I had originally set it at the same height of the EMG 60 that was in the neck. Problem solved. Once lowered to a more traditional height, this pickup came alive.

By lowering it more in the range of a passive pickup, I found this pickup became quite a bit more lively, especially when compared to the original EMG 60. Not sure if it is because of the chrome (actually polished stainless steel) or the fact it is an X-Series, but I noticed it is a little brighter than the normal EMG 60. Either way, I definitely like the improvement. I may try an 81X in the bridge, but right now I am keeping the standard EMG 81 in the bridge position because the two pickups actually compliment each other very well and I love the classic EMG 81 bite.

So all in all, this pickup is slightly brighter and slightly more lively (or as EMG likes to say, organic) than the standard EMG 60. It is one of the BEST pickups on the market for clean tones and is very smooth when overdriven and the chrome finish is a great change from the standard EMG look. I love how it gives me the Covered neck/open bridge look with EMGs. :D So if you've wanted to try the X-series but also wanted your chrome or gold EMGs, now you can get the best of both worlds! :thumb: