New Mather Oversized TVB Caninet/EC Collins Cloth

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May 21, 2015
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I just got a Mather Overstzed TVB Cabinet, ( 29.75W x 36T x 14D ) EC Collins Cloth, and loaded it with 4 x 12 x 1972 Celestion G12Ms... WOAH!!!!!

Sounds even better that I hoped for. I got the speakers from a member here about 3 years ago, and never put them I a cabinet. So I saved up and had Mather build the TVB cab.

He did a perfect job on the cabinet. Nothing out of place, and the Tolex, and grill cloth are exceptionally done.

The amp I wil use it with is a LTD ED Metro GMP45. I was using 2 x 1 x 12 Celestion Creams, and they also sound great.

Next to the TVB cab is a Carvin loaded with 2 x 15 Altec 418H. I use it with my 69 Blackfaced/ODS mod Fender Dual Showman RVB, or 2 x 1 x 12 Celestion Creams.

Im thinking about having Pete build a top cab/EC Collins cloth, and have it made with a 3 piece back, load it with 4 Creams, and run it semi open. Im just not sure if the 4 Creams would overpower the 4 G12Ms. Or I might just get another TVB cab. I'm sold the TVB cab sounds bigger, and has more low end, and punch than the smaller cabinet.

Ive never heard a JTM45 Stack before. 4 x 12 yes, but never 8 x 12.

Mather IMHO comes highly recommended from me. I don't see how a better cabinet could have been made.
I had my tech put in the speakers. He tested them all for correct polarity ect, and made sure everything was 100% I electrical order.
He Richie Hall, and his brother Dana supply Hi Tone with VVR kits. Dana was personal friends with Ken Fischer/Trainwreck, and was voted by the TR forum to build the Ken Fischer Tribute amp, when Ken died.

It was funny to see Richie gently run his palms over the internal baffle to check for smoothness, or roughness, and said the wood was really clean, and smooth. No voids, and no funny business with the wood quality.

Even Richie was floored at how good the cab/speakers sound. Richie is also very impressed with Georges/Metro work, and my GMP45 was the 1st 1 he actually got to see the guts of.

He told me George has the best soldering job as hes seen.



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Nov 29, 2011
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Congrats, a great looking rig.

I have Eric Collins cloth on my Marshall 1962hw. I am contemplating making a new 1x12 speaker baffle for my vintage 2x10 18 watt Marshall combo and putting Eric's cloth on it.

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