New Martin Video Screen VDO Fenix 6 Backdrop

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Jun 24, 2012
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New Martin Video Screen VDO Fenix 6 Backdrop

Remember the days when you made a huge Black Sheet Backdrop with white letters on the sheet for the bands Backdrop behind the drummer?

We just got the newest, best LED Video Screen for the main Video Screen Backdrop
to run videos, lyrics, photo slide shows etc. Most Bands are still using the older EC-20 screen. The new screen will give great views from all angles in the seating.

Martin is one of the best made in Denamrk, most pro bands are using this brand. The system is expandable and come in sections, look at the youtube video if your interested. We got two 12' foot by 22' foot screens so you can run them as one large 24' foot x 44' foot or (2) 12x22 or (4) 6x11 foot screens, depending on the stage.

This Backdrop will make the Show unforgettable, you can do PIP Picture-in-picture , or split screen, quad screen, and all multiplex patterns including a Visualizer for random psychedelic patterns on the screen in sync with the music. Talk about a complex system to learn. The good part is it hooks-up quickly and never breaks.

The EC-20 was the older Generation Screen and is still better than most of the China made screens.

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