New duo name needed ….


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Sep 30, 2012
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You arent gonna believe this but it happened to me yesterday …. I also play in an acoutic duo called The Twin Sons . Its the other guitar player and me from my 4 piece classic rock band, the Double Naught Spies. We came up with this name a year ago to play acoustic gigs away from the Spies . He and I dont look a like at all ,so its a joke between us . Well Wednesday night , I got a call from Jim that we were scheduled unbeknownst to us last night in Tryon at a winery we have played before a few times this year.
So I was doing nothing Black Friday ,so I said to him, I Am on my way. So I leave Charleston to drive up the to play , which is about 220 miles there and a three hour drive .
While we are loading in to start at 4 ‘oclock , we both see a guy walking into the place with two acoustic guitars . HE looks at us and we look at him and he says what are we doing ? Right then the Booker manager comes up too and we all look at each other . Here is the coincidence .. it wasn’t a double booking ,,, THEY were the Twin Sons also !!!! They were the acoustic duo that was really booked . The manager told us that we were booked under Jims real name on the dates we played there , NOT as the Twin Sons . So we now have to come up with a new duo name because they have 13 years of experience in that area with that name . We found it funny,,, them ,,,,, not so much… but you know what ,,, screw em if they cant take a joke . So I packed up my stuff and came home last night . I took the opportunity to work on lyrics and learned “Summer Breeze “ from Seals and Croft . So the drive home was pure solitude and beneficial anyway so it wasnt a total loss of a day . ,, Jim compensated me with 20 dollars for gas’ for my drive and my Time. I wont take his money because he and I are great friends . Almost brothers actually , so eventually I will slip that 20 dollar bill in his gig bag .. but here is a real Kicker ,, Jm called me on the way home and told me that he stuck around a bit to listen to the real Twin Sons , he said they started off with “ Crazy Love “ from Poco as their first song ,,,,,,,,,take a guess what the first song in our set list was !!!! We had a big laugh about that as it was Ours also !! Rod Serling called …. Maybe these guys are our …Twins
So Now we need a new duo name … Ok Backstage Wise asses ,,, lets hear em ,,, any suggestions ,, you never know when a new duo name will actually work …

Phil W

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Feb 2, 2012
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Yep ...



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Jan 23, 2009
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Man what a coincidence between the two bands, I have no names to offer but good luck to you guys finding one that fits the bill Meat

01GT Eibach

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Jan 16, 2021
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  • The Marshall Brothers
  • Shaggy & Scooby
  • Punky & Funky
  • Baby Bear & Baby Boo
  • Itchy & Scratchy
  • Hanky & Panky
  • The Hangmen


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Jul 8, 2018
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The twin sisters
The evil twin sons
The twin sons revisited
The trio sons minus one
Meatball twins
(No) Twins like us
Me and that
Me and him

I bet anyone can do better...

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