New Band, New EP; Dedsun's EP0


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Dec 21, 2009
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Hey everyone!

A couple years ago, I joined my friends band on bass as a temporary fill-in. I wasn't terribly good at bass, but competent enough to fill in. 2 years later, we've finally put out the first of 3 EP's we're releasing over the next couple years. Can't really put a finger on what we are genre-wise, we've been described as proggy groovy alt-rock kinda stuff. This is probably the most polished project I've ever been apart of and I'm super proud of what we've done.

My personal favorite track is Trying My Hand, although I'm a little biased since it's the only track I played guitar on.

Check it out, if you don't have spotify you can also find our album on bandcamp, youtube, any streaming service really.


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