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Feb 12, 2013
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I’ve owned one of these for a couple of months now. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum having both top notch tube amps and the higher end digital counterparts. I’ve owned Kemper, Fractal, Helix, and now the Neural..

For the longest time I thought the Fractal (AFXIII) sounded and felt the best. Helix was the easiest to use. This new gadget kinda brings both of those together. Someone once said that it’s the smartphone of modelers. I think there’s a fair amount of truth in that because of it’s easy to use interface.

I gotta say it delivers. No it doesn’t have the library of amps that Fractal does. When I had one, I spent more time cycling through amps and tweaking this or that than playing. This has your core amps that everyone goes for.. the fender combos such as a deluxe and twin, Friedman, Mesa boogies , Marshalls from the old days, EVH, etc etc. While it doesn’t have everyone’s favorites, it has a lot of great amps. The capture feature however allows ya to capture any amp you should desire. Being paid captures aren’t really a thing currently, there’s a lot of free amp captures out there to be had.

One thing that is pretty great is you can capture another modeler’s amp with it. So you basically can have it all in one package. Plus unlike Kemper, you can capture dirt pedals. Gotta favorite vintage overdrive pedal? Capture it and have it on tap anytime ya need it.

So If you’re at a crossroads at which digital solution is right for you.. the Neural is a great option. The footswtiches that also can be used as encoders to make adjustments if ya don’t wanna use the touch screen.

This is a taste of a classic Marshall preset I made. It’s a good popular riff that I’ve used for tone tests

I’m using my WW Unburst LP Standard of course

This isn’t recorded direct.. just using the voice recorder on my phone. I’ll never not love tube amps but if ya don’t have the space to crank a 100 watt fire breather into a 412 cab and ya like a lot off different amps.. this is pretty damn good.

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