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Apr 16, 2011
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But let it take hold, give it a chance.
Yes, yes, yes, and yes! You say it's been sitting for 15 years. It's not going to return to form in a day, and depending on moisture content, simple "return to form" (by a former tree), and other factors, the material itself is necessarily slow responding -- which is a good thing! (Who wants a neck that reacts big-time and fast to everything?) If the neck were twisted, I'd be worried. If it's just bowed, you've got a lot to try, slowly, before you need to do any worrying at all.

Uncle Vinnie

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Jul 2, 2017
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Lt Dave is exactly right.

And to finish Vinnie's question if I continue turn the TR counter clockwise, the nut, of the truss rod, is loose. I'm not exactly sure how truss rods or at least this truss rod works but I'm assuming the nut would completely loosen from the rod. I know it's not broke because I can tighten it back up fine.
Ah. Now I capisce. The TR nut is loose on the TR threads, not that the whole TR is turning. Gotcha.

I was thinking the TR was turned so tight that it was back bowing the neck and after just a teeny tiny 1/4 of a turn the whole TR was loose.

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