Neck profile question and weight of SG vs. Paul


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Sep 15, 2007
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I have a 1993 SG standard. If you saw my first thread post just a bit ago, you'll notice I just picked up a new TransBlk Les Paul with a 60's neck.

Funny think is the SG is about the same weight and the neck at least by the nut seems thinner and flater. Not by much, and not to a degree that effects playing but I can tell. The 1993 SG really seems to have the neck of a SG 61 reissue save the neck joint of course.

The Paul and SG necks feel pretty much the same at the 12th fret. I bring this up because the 1999 SG that I traded in for the Paul in question had a pig of a neck when compared, and I couldn't get over it - hence the trade in.

I guess i jut think its strange that the necks seem to be so much different and wonder if its by design or just someone's whim that wasn't shared with the public? At any rate, if you want a thin neck SG look to earlier years, and stay away from 1999-2000.

I haven't compared to the late model standards as of yet, but I may the next time I'm in a store.

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