NCD 1960s JMP Basketweave 4X12 A

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Aug 26, 2020
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Just arrived from England today.

This was advertised as a 1960s JMP Basketweave. Empty cabinet, no speakers, which is not a big deal to me. There are many choices in speakers (sorry purists). I bought it from a reputable Dealer, who is a great guy and worked with me to ship this via UPS from England.

Since I was a 7-13 year old , around 1967-1974, seeing a full Marshall stack, I knew somehow I would get one, some day.

I purchased a 1970 JMP 4X12 B, with Greenback speakers dated from the same year a few months ago.
Saw this a while ago and had to have it.

Neither are in the greatest of cosmetic shape; missing tolex , gouges in the wood, the A has a painted grill cloth. I will restore these, more than likely, say a 98.9% chance, as they are pretty much “rode hard and put up wet”!

I am very fortunate and have a great neighbor who is a cabinet maker and fine finish carpenter. He restores hunting lodges, cabins and private resorts for the rich and famous here in NW Wyoming. Had discussed these projects with him already and he appeared genuinely excited to help out.

Two asides:

1. Angled cab was owned by Saxon, no real provenance, which is fine by me, had to look up who they were (had heard of them, seen their t-shirts, lol) and listed to them on iTunes, not my style, but good at what they do. This will be rocking sweet 1960s-1980s Rock and Roll and Blues.

2. John a worker at Marshall signed both of these cabs. Whoopty Do , right? Just think it’s cool.

Anyway, this got pretty lengthy, here’s some pictures.

Top cabinet is the new addition.






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