My wife's take on Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.


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Mar 23, 2009
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I don't know if it's just me but Southern Comfort always seems to taste much better in either the imagination or memory. I always have fond memories of drinking it and always get that 'Mmmmm nice warm glow feeling' when I see a bottle but on the odd occasion where I've actually bought a bottle the experience never matches the expectations. Too sweet and cloying aftertaste.

SoCo is disgusting. HufPost says:
"Southern Comfort is made from 100-percent grain-neutral spirit base:shock: (basically vodka), fruit, spices and at times the recipe has included a little bourbon. We spoke to Charles K. Cowdery, who worked at Southern Comfort back in the day, and he said that the recipe at least used to be "grain neutral spirit, sugar, and a fruit concentrate in which the dominant fruit is apricot.""



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Jan 21, 2014
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I like it, because I can drink it in the car or at work, and as long as I have some Big Red gum, no one knows!
^Sarcasm, right? There are plenty of better things you could be mixing in your coffee at work. :fingersx:

Goldschlager was a popular drink when I was in high school because all you needed to cover up the smell of it was a pack of cinnamon certs.

Long live the 90's! :thumb: I've had no desire to touch Goldschlager since then.

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