My SORDID Art History

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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TimSTREEWALKin'FEZZ here at the chipped.I log in I see FEZZ on the boards. Write like Fezz, that is VERY hard to do. I had trouble doing it.
I started writing in earnest when I was 19. The world was my turdbowl. I had no clue what to be? a dancer,wrestler,pornostar,plumber,astronaut, hitman,,,,,,,???????

I knew what to do. Be a POET:laugh2:


My Sordid ART History

Second best Young Poet Philly 1988
BANNED from Philly Poets Society 1990< For CRIMES AGAINST POETRY:wow:
That means I wasn't a lapdog

Form OLD FEZZIWIG 1991- We DESTROY immediately. Every gig the crowd grew. We record 8 song demo in 6 hours.

1993= CHAOS!ANGER!BAND MUTINY!BANNED from tri-state area. It was VERY exciting. Washed-up by 28.

Start writing SLACK NEWS 1994. I produce 10 issues. I get fan-mail.:dude: I feel the momentum. THe SLACK NEWS consisted of poetry,criticism,comics,advice,,,,,,,,,,

I get aggravated 1994,,,,,,I quit writing...................


I get fired from printing job 1994,'94 was a MANIC YEAr:wave:

I buy a newspaper. I go for a hike. I end up in an ampitheatre. New Jersey side of WASHINGTON'S CROSSING STATE PARK. I search want-ads. One ad GLOWS......

Wanted: Artistic person needed benefits + paid vacation.

Should I re-enter the ART world? YES!YES! YES!

I load up my '71 LeMans . Guitar,various writings,photos. Time to get paid for my ART. I pull into the driveway. There are 6 men and a woman on the lawn.
I jump out of the car,ART in hand,

"The ARTIST is here. Pay me!"

The woman walks over. The men follow.

"GREAT, we need you."

I find out my ART job is a LIE. This was social work. The men were insane. They needed "guidance."

The years jumpinjack by. I get grey hair. I produce no ART. I get married. I tell the wife what a great ARTIST I was. I did still mess with the guitar. Nothing substancial. I mainly practice histrionics. I get REALLY good at jumping+windmilling+pick scraping.


Washed-up ART career


RRRRRrrriiiiinnggg RrrrrrIiiiinnnggg

" Violent Pat Society here."
"Hey sweets."
"Come out."
"Adolescents at Troc, DICKS at NORTHSTAR."
" Pick me up at 10:00 pm EST."

Violent Pat arrives. We head to CHINATOWN. The Adolescents DESTROY the Troc. We head for the DICKS show.

The DICKS inspired me. Gary Floyd, flaming-gay-redneck frontman, sat at the bar. He flirted with me. I talked BS. He laughed his fat butt off. I bought him shot after shot. He gets onstage. He is 56.

I decide to get a band together. I write 27 new songs. I find a timid bassist and a druggie-drummer. We gel immediately. We play my comeback show.


I don't miss a chord. No rust. MRS.FEZZ is impressed.

We play three more gigs. I feel stronger than ever. We record 5 song EP. I'm ready to challenge the White Stripes/Black Keys. OH NO! Bassist has breakdown. Drummer doses with oxy. We break up.........

2009-2010- I "force" my guitar-tech to bash kit. The third "comeback" is the charm. Join MLP to hype band.
2011- My"drummer" stops showing up for practice. NO MORE R+R FOR ME!


RRRRRRRRRiiiinnnggggg Rrrrriiiiingggg

"Johnny Hate here."

Johnny Hate got me into the R+R game in 1991. He was in my "brother" band=SPACECHRIST. Great bassist. Fronts successful cover-band w/singer wife.

" I want to join FEZZ."
"C'mon BRUDDAH."

I don't hesitate.

"Play drums. We'll be a SUPER-POWER DUO."

We practice. We sound RAW. We play a gig. KICKS ACe. We record 5 songs. I'm better than ever. A "drunken" Johnny dumps recordings. Johnny gets sober:shock:


I sit here. No practice in 6 months. I write CRAZED confessional prose. I saw Johnny on I-95< main highway in Philly. I beeped and mimed guitar. Johnny saw me. He made the "phone sign." We will play again?

I'm debating an ART change. Do I even want to flog the ROCK? I know I can produce, not sure I want to. I'm thinking a one-man show. Maybe I'll include MRS.FEZZ?

I'm thinking a stage setting. Werewolves+REAL blood+ strange feedback. I could recite poetry and bleed. Then SSSRRREEEAAAKKKKK. A transformation. Can I channel the inner-wolf? Maybe one-man FUZZ guitar?

Dang, Why won't the FUZZ guitar leave my mind.

I know. I'll produce comedy vids.I'm REALLy funny when I want to be:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

Tim Fezz sits at the chipped. He is an APPLEHEAD:wave:


Sep 10, 2010
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I better not put that in a post. Sorry Tim! I took it down cause it didn't sound very nice.

Be all you can be man.

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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I better not put that in a post. Sorry Tim!

Be all you can be man.

Strat, I'm weary of any partners,they ALWAYS hold me back. I may record? I'm tired of chasing musicians.
[ame=]Motörhead : motorhead: the chase is better than the catch - YouTube[/ame]

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