My guitar inexplicably tuned itself

Musha Ring

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Jan 9, 2017
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Friday I was on hold with my internet provider and I picked up my no.1 after she'd been sitting on the rack for a few days. I strummed a G and did one of those "oof" when it's pretty out of tune, you know?

Anyways, I just got home with some groceries. Wife said, "why don't you go play guitar or something while I get stuff ready for dinner," - i.e. 'Get out of my kitchen and hair.'

So I go into the other room and pick up my no.1, strum an open G, follow up with a D and a C - perfectly in tune!

The lesson here is - if you leave your guitar out of tune long enough, it just might tune itself!



Chief Discombobulator
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Feb 20, 2013
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Right now that robot tuner is probably scheming with the microwave and fridge as we speak.... and they hand you off to the car when you leave the house.... and it talks to the other cars....Peer to Peer from hell... I'm tellin ya....

We know Teslas blab all the time back to the overlord... Your cell phone is networked to your car. Wouldn't it be illogical to assume there is nothing going on just outside your periphery?

That's how they get you.... You're already got....

Tone deaf

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Apr 12, 2011
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One of my Martins (D-15E) is a little beat up and well broken in (the way I like it) and it'll stay in tune for weeks, even with the capo on and off. It is the most stable (tuning) guitar I have owned. It is almost always sitting on a club chair in the living room. Before I learned how to set up a guitar, properly slot and lube the nuts, every time I set a guitar down, you could bank on the G string being out of tune.

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