My first Gibson, so happy!!


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Jan 18, 2022
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It’s so good to see young blood catching the bug, I’m really happy for you mate.

I got my first Gibson when I was 20 so pretty much your age, a brand new 2001 SG standard.

If I’m honest I only bought it because I couldn’t wait any longer to get the money for a Les Paul standard.

That guitar has followed me all around the world and given me countless hours of joy, but alas it never quite filled the LP shaped hole.

Cut to 2013 and I finally got the LP (a honeyburst traditional, a great finish by the way). I’ve never looked back, I still love the SG but I’m like you most of my guitar idols were Les Paul slingers so I was incomplete until I got one.

Problem is one is never enough but you’ve got all that to look forward to, enjoy your guitar in 20yrs time you’ll remember the day you got it like it was yesterday.


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Mar 17, 2009
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I never bought another Les Paul. I've only ever played a couple others. Mine is all I ever needed. I did, however, end up with an SG and a V also.