My first electric guitar was made in Japan!

Ton of Tone

Jan 17, 2013
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I clearly remember getting my first electric guitar for Christmas when I was 9-10 years old. It came from a Sears catalog and it had an SG body style. I remember the little card on the package said "To Jeff - From Mom, Dad, Ron (my oldest brother). I guess my brother was tired of me sneaking into his bedroom when he was at work, to play his new Les Paul Custom, so he pitched in to get it. I was just looking through old Sears catalogs and had no trouble finding that guitar. What really surprised me was that it was made in Japan. Who would have thought.... I really don't remember if the guitar was branded Silvertone, or something else. Too may years gone by. I do remember that it wouldn't stay in tune for 10 minutes. Does anyone know who would have made these?

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