My first BURST to start 2021


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Dec 7, 2012
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and this pic too which I think is on the 77 at a festival with Santana and Thin Lizzy
It seats on the stand behind....


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Jan 11, 2020
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I am the new custodian of the Conti burst that @eric ernest did a great job and it was awesome dealing with Eric. Such a great guy

Its a great guitar. Its loud. Litterally. plugged it in after my 57 and though I had cranked the amp already.

happpy :) a dream realized


Alright I thought Id do a little write up. I mean its quite a special day :D

The Sotry (of me getting it, not of the guitar...):
So I was going to grab the 57GT refin from Bill, and I knew it came from Eric prior to that so I hit up Eric (pretty much like anytime I eye a vintage piece) to ask if its straight etc... Which it was but then we discussed about that burst for sale.... (we know now how that conversation went...). In all honesty,

1) this was in the price range I would have been able to grab one for (I wasnt ready to shell $300K for a first one)
2) Its a very interesting guitar
3) There is a very short list of people Id trust buying such a high price vintage piece from and Eric's on it....

so all in all it felt like an opportunity I couldnt miss. So I pulled the trigger.

The pickups on it were rewinded (because the idea was to get the same set as the pictures of the burst and its very hard to find a reverse Zebra). But I wanted them to be straight so I hit up Lou who by an amazing chance found me a set of straight double cream in a heart beat. I sent them to Eric to mount them in it

The Guitar:
So I had been playing my amazing 57GT pretty much every day since I got it. I took a break for 2 weeks out of country for the holiday...
So I was quite in tune with that guitar and my setup. I have my JTM45 setup so it starts breaking nicely with my Volume at 8. Thats where I like playing.
I get the 59, plug it in, roll the volume back to 8, and litterally I felt like I had cranked the amp a couple notches.
Go 10 and Im in metal mode. LOL. LOUDER.
Straight up I remembered what Bernie said the first time he tried his Beast. And Im sure it was even more....

Well the pickups are hotter in the 8.4K so yea, more output.

Though its also much brighter. Can get really ice peak in the highs if you hit it
yet nothing muddy, all super clean/clear.

Its just a great guitar. the 57GT more mellow is also a great guitar so Im super happy that I have 2 very different characters.
that 59 has really that beefy angry Tele sound that's gonna punch you in the face.
A pleasure to play with pots.

thats it. Now Im sure Ill be hunting down something else to collect down the road....

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With the 57 refin:

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Absolutely stunning colour. Looks like Cognac fading to a beautiful gold.


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Apr 26, 2008
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I always seem to prefer the look of (aged) covers on...
However, it's impossible to make a choice with digital photographs. Therefore, I'll need you to send it to me for an in person inspection in order to make a proper decision. :acoustic:


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Sep 10, 2007
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Congrats. That’s the next level! It’s a cool looking burst with an interesting history. Post clips!!

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