My Ferrari Arrived Today


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Nov 30, 2009
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The Summer my senior year in high school, I worked at a garage.

It was a damn scuzzy garage. Total mess.

Owner had some spaces in back for friends to store some of their cars.

One of them was a purple 1968 Ferrari Dino. I shit you not.

It was covered in old boxes, old v belts, all sorts of auto-shop crap. And it was filthy as hell.

Again, I shit you not.

So me and this other guy who had keys to the shop decided to open back up after the owner went home, pull out that Dino, give it a bath, take it around for a drive.

We took it to Van Nuys Blvd on a Wednesday night. Cruise night.

Got back about 0:300. sprayed the car with the hose, threw dust and dirt all over it, put it back in the shop, stacked the boxes, belts and crap back on it, put the cars back that had it blocked in.

-Owner was never the wiser.
I literally spent hundreds of hours racing a Dino around some of the world‘s greatest race tracks. It was an amazing experience. It’s a beautiful car; in both aesthetics and performance, and the thrill of running the Nurburgring is something indelibly embedded into my mind. The final straight was amazing, but it was pushing into the corners where the real fun was. On my console.

Real life must have been epic.