My Big, Fat Diet Thread


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Oct 28, 2010
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You know, sometimes I do stuff without knowing quite precisely what motivated me... and there have been times during which I made major life changes without actually being aware of it at the time.

For example: the last time I got drunk was 2017, when I threw a little Hurricane Party for Lt. Dave and proceeded to get totally hammered with the brother.

But somehow, after Dave went back to California, I just quit drinking. I didn't make a conscious decision to do so, and instead merely stopped. It was over a year later when I realized that I'd even done that.

Even Dave thought it was weird as shit, how all that worked out. But then: he's lived to see me shamelessly chugging Bacardi straight outta the bottle!

What a lush I was! :laugh2:

So, sometimes I am motivated to do things for reasons I'm not aware of... and sometimes, I'm not even aware that I'm doing anything differently than before... at least, not right away.

However, I can tell y'all that this time, I made a big change and was actually conscious of the fact that I was going there.

I am speaking of a weight loss program that I initiated in January of 2020, and which I stuck to unto this very day, though at this point I'm no longer dieting in what I'd call a "severe" fashion and am instead merely eating well, but am rather careful of what, precisely, I choose to ingest.

I also engaged in an exercise program that was... extremely demanding. Since then, I seem to have turned into some kind of gym rat, as I can be found pumping iron four days out of every seven, and I engage in a half-hour of cardio every single day.

I will interrupt my own narrative here to post a couple of photos. Here's the before and after shots... and as you can see, I lost quite a bit of weight... 88 pounds, actually.

Okay, so this first photo is one of me and my favorite DC cop, MLP's very own @Caleb:

caleb and i - Copy.jpg

And at that moment in time, I weighed 280 pounds. I was wearing size 48 blue jeans, and man... it's weird to be a size 48 when you're only 5'8" tall!

These next photos were taken about a month ago:

motorcycle - Copy.jpg


And I'm right at 200 pounds in those photos.

I'm down even more now... down to 192, but I'm done with the really severe dieting and am now ingesting about 2800 calories, mostly in the form of proteins of various types, and I expect that I'll probably go back up to about 200 pounds, which was my weight as a 22 year-old cop.

And I'm now down to Size 34 blue jeans, too!

Not bad for a 63 year-old shithead biker! :laugh2:

I'm also happy with my progress in the gym. I find that at this age, I do *not* have the endurance I had as a kid... but in terms of tensile strength, I haven't lost as much as I expected. That is, after one year of hard training, my single-rep bench press is only 30 pounds less than what I could put into the air at age 25... but I sure can't rep the way I used to, and my workouts are limited to 1.5 to 2 hours only. After that, I'm beat.

I'm not disappointed by any of this. I had my heyday, and my rep, and I was a real cock-of-the-walk kinda guy for about 20 years straight. It was good, being me. As Sonny Barger would put it, I lived the life I loved, and loved the life I lived.

But you know what? You can't do it forever. We are mortals, and in the end, we must all leave this earth. And I accept that. I don't want to die, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna shit my pants about it. My old man taught me how a real tough guy dies, by dying right in front of me. It was the worst experience of my life, but somehow my dad was actually able to instill a very stoic attitude in me when it comes to the idea of my passing away.

So, sooner or later, I gotta go. BUT: being mortal and accepting it doesn't mean I'm not gonna fight like a son-of-a-bitch to stay as strong and healthy as possible, for as long as I possibly can.


In the biker world, there's an old slogan that goes like this:

Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Good-Looking Corpse :laugh2:

Well... so far it looks like I only got one of the three right... like, I did live fast, and I sure did love that life once... but I failed to die young, and that good looking corpse thing?

Man, I dunno about that one... :p

Okay, now on to the psychology I employed as part of my personal weight loss program:

I *knew* this was gonna be some grueling shit, and One Long Slog. I was gonna be eating under 9 grams of carbs daily, and my total caloric intake was limited to about 1,200 calories...

I was talking to my bro @Rando375 on the phone one night, and gave the ol' Ranger an earful of my mindset. I told him what my dad told me once, when I was a kid... and it's something that I basically have lived by since the day the man said it...

Dad told me that the better part of wisdom is knowing when something is enough, or not enough... and when something is too much. But, he said, there are times in a man's life when he must go absolutely BALLS TO THE WALL, and ignore his own physical discomfort to get something done.

My father was a World War II bomber pilot, and he was flying at such a time as when 40% of our bombers were being shot down... but he hung in there, and by grace of God, he survived and so did his entire crew... and that's even though they were shot down on one mission, and had to perform "controlled crash landings" on various other occasions, bringing his heavy bomber in on just a wing and a prayer, all blown to shit by Messerschmidts or those big 88's the German army was using as anti-aircraft weapons.

So he told me this:

"Sometimes you just gut it out, Robert. There are times when you simply must ignore everything except for your objective, and in cases such as these, you have GOT to go 100%, balls to the wall. There are times when 50% ain't shit, and it won't save your ass. But the trick is this: knowing when it's time to hit it 100%... and when you can just cruise through it without hardly breaking a sweat."

And so that's what I was telling Randy... even as this mission to lose a lot of weight was just about to become my Main Thing.

So it was that when I finally decided I had had enough of being a Porkasaurus, I was aware that this wasn't gonna be easy... and it was really gonna suck, actually. If there's any type of food stuff that I like better than carbs, I ain't found it yet. Mister, I would order a large pizza, and I would devour the entire thing in maybe three hours! Fuckin' gigantic pizza, like the one Walter White threw on the roof in Breaking Bad... and I could wolf all that down, all by myself.

Plates of pasta, heaped high as Mount Vesuvius, with my delicious, blood-red marinara spewing like lava. Meatballs that were more cheese than meat, that my granny taught me to make when I was a tot... Cherry Coke by the gallon... I'd buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's and devour all 2,700 calories of that stuff in maybe 20 minutes.

And I ate like that EVERY SINGLE DAY! :shock:


So that's how I got so overweight as I eventually became. There were other psychological factors at work-- with one of the big ones being that I am largely indifferent to the opinions of strangers, and there's no fat shaming me because I'm generally only impressed by the character of other people... not because of their physique or anything so superficial as that. Add to that the fact that I'm more than aware that most men are way more mouth than anything else... and you end up with somebody like me: a fat guy who might just bust your fucking nose if you really want it badly enough to force the issue... and one who has taken so many beatings over the years that the thought of getting the shit kicked out of me in a brawl is not some Holy Terror by any means. Hell, there was a time in my life when that was routine!

The bottom line was: I just didn't give a shit what I looked like. Didn't care about picking up women or any of that shit, either. I like women, but you know what? When you hit my age and you look back on all the terrible shit that happened just because you felt the need to get laid... you suddenly realize: much of the time, it just ain't worth it.

I really do love the ladies, don't get me wrong. But hey, you know what? I love my Harley better! :laugh2:

I remember the day I suddenly decided to downsize myself. It was pretty weird, but for a change I actually realized what I was about to start doing, and realized that this wasn't gonna be like it was when I stopped drinking. That shit was not a big deal... but this thing with the weight loss? It was gonna be a big deal.

But what's freaky is this: I was triggered into fighting my own personal Battle of the Bulge by watching the movie, "Taxi Driver"! :shock:

Damn, such a strange movie to draw inspiration of any sort from! You know: I wasn't really fond of the Travis Bickle character, though I did understand him... the poor bastard. Who would want to be like him? He's a fuckin' train wreck on two legs!

But there I was one evening, minding my own damned business and watching Taxi Driver when Travis Bickle said something that went off between my ears like a bomb. And this is what he said:

"June twenty-ninth. I gotta get in shape. Too much sitting has ruined my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. From now on there will be 50 pushups each morning, 50 pullups. There will be no more pills, no more bad food, no more destroyers of my body. From now on will be total organization. Every muscle must be tight."

I was absolutely ELECTRIFIED by that statement... you know, I've seen Taxi Driver many times, starting with when it first came out in movie theaters... but I was never actually inspired by Travis Bickle. Mainly, I just felt sorry for the dude... what a shitty life!

But now all of a sudden, I flipped right the fuck out and on the spot decided that I'd had enough of bein' a fat guy. I was absolutely astonished by my own response... I could tell I wasn't screwing around or something... and I was startled enough that I actually wrote a letter to @LtDave32 to tell him what Bickle said and how it hit me.

I always go running to Vic, Dave, Harmony, or Rando every time something crazy crops up in my world... and man, I'm a lucky guy to have dudes like these as personal friends. @sonar1 and @Olds442 have also exerted considerable positive influences on me, too. Sonar has given me good thoughts to think for years already, and some of it came into play when I realized where I was about to go. And then Olds gave me some really excellent advice concerning proper nutrition right when I hit about 198 pounds.

While I am at it, I should also mention that @Harmony was very supportive of my efforts, and as I consider her to be closer to a blood sister than just a lady friend, she was inspirational to me. Also, years ago @Fracture gave me a lot of really good advice concerning a personal issue that is no longer relevant. I do not believe I ever thanked him quite properly, and so I want to do so here. That guy is a really, really good guy and we're lucky to have him as a member.

So, you guys... you all helped me, for real, in a way that I don't think anybody but y'all could have done.

Ladies and Gentlemen: from the bottom of my gritty little heart, I thank you all. :thumb:


But back to Dave and that nutty letter I sent him. I expected Dave to write back, suggesting that I should perhaps check into the psych ward of Halifax Hospital, so long as I was feeling all crazy and running around quoting Travis Bickle... but no: instead the man told me that he felt that my attitude was right on for what I was gonna do... and he urged me to hit it like it owed me money.

And so I did. I hit it like I was going to Ranger school or something.

50% wasn't gonna get it. I had to go the whole hog, or hang it up. 100%!


It was really, really rough. Life on 9 grams of carbs (or less!) and nothing but protein and greens gets old pretty quickly, but that wasn't the hard part. I had mentally divorced myself from the idea of being comfortable, and so screw it: just keep on slogging. Never mind actually liking your food. Just eat the shit and STFU... and get your ass to the gym!

But man... you talk about tired? I was *always* tired-- always feeling like I was outta gas... but I went to the gym faithfully anyway. I was hell-bent on this mission, and so screw being tired and hungry. It was not relevant to me.



And here's a little more craziness for you: I decided that what I'd shoot for first when it came to physical standards would be the old training standards imposed by the State of Florida in the state police academy.

I thought it would be a cinch. I went through the academy back in 1980, and blew through it like it was nothin'. Hell, I was even a little disappointed by the laxity of the physical standards. But then: I was fresh out of the airborne infantry, and you do a lot of physical training in any airborne unit. What they had us doing in the police academy was a pretty good program, but it sure wasn't the super-intense kind of PT that we got into when I was a soldier.

I invite the reader to laugh with me. When I attended the state police academy, one of the physical standards you had to meet was to run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes or less. Shit, I used to blow through that shit in about 11 minutes and 30 seconds... and that's without really pushing super hard.

So I figured that once I got to where I met those standards, then I was gonna go really crazy and try to duplicate the first three weeks of Special Forces school, all over again... :thumb:


What a big fuckin' ego I had! :facepalm:

Can you believe this shit? There I was-- 62 years old and weighing almost 300 pounds-- and I figured I'd go SF again? That course was a bitch when I was 19 years old... but I figured I'd do it again at 62?


So, on my first night, I called Harms, and told her what I was about to do, and about the run. She's been to my house on vacation on different occasions, and she knew the route. So of course she wished me luck, and so I clicked the stopwatch and ran off down the road...

OMG, do you know how long it took me to run that meager 1.5 miles?

21 MINUTES! :facepalm:

I finally did get it down to seventeen... but that was after I lost about 50 pounds. Now I can do the run right at about 15 minutes, but I've discontinued running because I found things like treadmills, stationary exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and so forth to be more profitable in terms of calories burned per time spent... plus, about the only place I can run to around here takes me a little bit into Crack Town... but at least the Kingsmen M/C clubhouse was along the route, and I have always gotten along pretty good with those guys. Some of the old salts among them actually first met me when I was cop... but I never had a real problem with any of the Kingsmen, and even liked a few of them quite a bit-- and still do.

They were actually pretty easy to talk to, even if you were a cop.

So they'd see me running by, and they'd hoot shit at me like, "Run that fat ass off, you sorry blob of shit!" and "Hey Rob-- give it up, man! Ain't no woman gonna do you no matter how much weight you lose!"

I'd laugh, and we'd all flip each other off... and I'd just keep on running.

So now I'm no longer involved in the severe, nearly insane dietary regimen I pushed myself through for over a year, and I'm getting more calories these days and no longer feel tired 24/7... I'm eating more normally, and hey: I even get carbs once in a while, though I do still tend to avoid them for the most part. You can have some, of course... but man, you gotta watch it.

I guess I'm writing this to say to anybody reading this thing that it CAN be done. You really CAN lose up to 100 pounds in about a year and a half or so... but you gotta go 100% if that's what you want, and you better expect that year and a half to be a fairly miserable experience, made worthwhile only when you step on a scale and see yourself melting away into something leaner than before. You watch your clothes sizes plummet, and you realize that even though you will never again match yourself as you were as a young soldier or police officer...

...well, you can still be pretty badass for an old man. :thumb:

And if I can do it, anybody can!

last shot.jpg

--R :thumb:
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Nov 2, 2015
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That is a pretty long, interesting, and motivating thread... yes we all can

in 2006 and after a terrible car accident (fractured neck and arm), I was unable to walk, unable to hold a pic or control my right hand/arm movement... took me around 6 months to walk again... a year to play guitar again, and now I am almost a normal guy.. you need to focus to realize that I still have a disability in my right hand.. so yes.. we can


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Sep 30, 2012
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You are keeping me motivated sir,, I did a 10 mile walk yesterday ,, put on jeans I hadn’t worn in two years when I got home and went out with the wife for Mexican .. got on the scale and I am 259. Down from 287. When I get to my target weight I will post the before and after ... thank you sir for the motivation


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Apr 7, 2012
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Conga-Rats Rob!!! Well done.

:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

I'm right behind ya... going from 220-ish, down to my goal weight of 175. I'm at 186 today and falling. The previous 10 have been grueling. And, I'm sure the last 10 will be even harder.

Fuck it - I am going to make it.

Your story is inspirational.


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Oct 21, 2015
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The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business, but they can't sell what you have...willpower. That's a very impressive journey you've taken, Rob. As a reformed fat slob/partial cripple I'm very happy for you.


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Mar 1, 2014
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Damn, and I thought losing 10 pounds at 62 during the Rona was impressive. Great job Rob!
I didn’t know you were an 18 series, my civilian self learned a lot about focus and getting things done from hanging with a few of them.


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Jan 9, 2008
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Losing weight was one of the hardest things I've done. I went from 252 to just under 180 years ago. Took over a year and it was a battle the whole way. Some lifestyle changes later on made keeping it off very easy, but that initial battle sucked.

Well done on your choices!

Chester Drawers

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Feb 26, 2010
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Inspirational Sir!!

Its one of the goals / achievements in life, where there are no shortcuts, (short of donating essential organs). It's all down to the individual.

As Pop said, I had absolutely NO idea what you looked like, but yeah, the current Rob works.

And, just to add, obviously would.


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Oct 19, 2011
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Congrats, Rob!!

That's quite a feat! Getting older and slowing metabolism makes all that much harder.

I lost 10lbs this past couple months. Just those ten pounds made a huge difference for me. My back is better, my knees don't hurt as much and I feel better.

I can't even imagine doing what you accomplished.

Man, once you commit to something....WOW!!

Ya look GREAT, man!! :)


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Mar 1, 2014
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Hey guys looking to drop some pounds two easy things you can do.
1: Watch your caloric intake.
2: Walk. As much as possible.

I was amazed at how much and how quickly I dropped weight mostly doing these two things.
I used my Fitbit and its associated app to watch how many calories I was taking in (it has a really good food product lookup feature) and how many I burned each day.
For me I can consistently do a mile in 19 minutes and will do two one hour walking sessions each day. Each one hour three mile walk burns about 500 calories and gets my heart rate to peak around 160 BPM with an average around 120 to 130 BPM. So if you're taking in 2000 cals you can easily get rid of half of them in two pleasant hours.

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