Mr. Bojangles --Jerry Jeff Walker Dies RIP


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Jun 19, 2011
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Very sad news.

He dealt with this terrible disease for a long time...but still its sad. We lost a great artist and innovator.

Thoughts and prayers to the friends and family.

Just one of the many great voices coming out of Houston in a short time. Seriously - Houston was the counter to all the artist out of San Francisco in its "summer of love" and the singer/songwriters coming out of Laurel Canyon - it represented the "working man's" viewpoint to all the shit going on in the world since the day Kennedy died.

Alot of non country musicians just don't understand how seismic the movement was - and think the whole outlaw thing was a gimmick. No more gimmicky than peace signs or flannel shirts. The revolution he helped bring wasn't for the leaders of tomorrow- it was for the kids who were bound to work a blue collar job the next 30+ years to support the American way. We owe alot to those artist - at least JJW got his recognition and was able to enjoy it. Some of of his contemporaries weren't as lucky.


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Aug 24, 2014
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His bigger contribution was as one of the founder fathers of the 70's Texas music genre and a long list of well known artists he was responsible for bringing into the family.

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