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Aug 4, 2007
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this thread is inspired by Doctor Dread.thanks bro.the followin post is extracted from what i've posted in his thread.i hope it reaches out to more ppl thats why its in here now...

hey,why didnt i think of recommending this?


there is this website called ''.it enables you to watch free movies in streaming format.which means you buffer as you watch,no long hours of download quality is not fantastic,but very,very watchable.before you complain that you can't read chinese(its a chinese website),all you need to do is download the player at the left side of the page(the link in blue with a green arrow pointing toward it),and you are basically done.just click through the pages to select the movie you wanna watch and play the movie of you choice!its really got a huge selection of fantastic movies!!!
i confess,its the only site that can match the time i spend in this forum.its really really a must add on the your 'favourites' sites list!!!


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Nov 11, 2007
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I tried getting there, but had no luck.:(:confused:

Me, I own around ten thousand DVDs, so I'm set for life:rofl:

Actually I'm selling most of them because there are not enough minutes left in my life to ever actually watch them all.:rofl:
Plus, people just don't rent anymore, so I'm shutting down the DVD rental portion of my store. Hmm, with so many sites and bittorrenting, I wonder why rentals are down...........
The paradigm shifts.

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