MojoTone Solderless Wiring Kits


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Dec 25, 2008
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I've been using MojoTone solderless wiring kits in Strats and Teles and I bought one awhile back for a Les Paul and decided to use it in my '99 Classic when I swapped out the 496R/500T pair to Gibson Custombuckers.

Solderless kits are pretty cool because you can swap out pickups easily and the components of the kit are matched pretty well so they sound good.

I ran into an issue, not because of MojoTone. When I put the kit in the guitar, I kept the stock three way switch. When I finished wiring and tested, middle and neck positions were silent (no strings, yet, just tapping on the pickups with a screwdriver). I kept fooling with it and eventually suspected the kit was defective somehow so I pulled everything out and stripped the pots of all wire but left the caps.

I pulled the stock switch and compared the wiring with the new SwitchCraft supplied by MojoTone. The wire colors didn't match! Grrrr! My bad for not checking at the start.

So I soldered everything together using a 50s wiring diagram from ThrowBak. It sounds pretty good. I wish I had caught the switch color coding discrepancy at the beginning but it is what it is. I also didn't use the stock wiring plate. I put all the stock parts in a box and labeled it so it goes with the guitar if I ever decide to sell it. Instead of the stock plate, I used copper shielding.

Here's a shot of my work:


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