Moderator notice: foul language in pic/meme captions

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Mar 19, 2010
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People, it's time we re-enforced some of the 2015 rule updates.

Foul language ("f" words and words containing "f" words, such as motherF***, etc) are not acceptable.

Such language in a meme or picture caption is NOT an acceptable work-around the rules.

Just because you didn't type the caption does not relieve you of the responsibility of posting it.

This is happening way too much. Every day the mod staff are cleaning up language in meme and picture captions.

I don't care if it's funny (which it often is).

I don't care if "you forgot".

I do care that the message concerning foul and NSFW language on this forum reaches all of you, loud and clear.

Thank you in advance for helping us out with this recent "epidemic".

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